On March 5th, APEX Synergy played in their 6th tournament of the year.  This tournament was our own 32 team power formatted tournament.  Synergy was placed in the B pool by the region and they were ready for the challenges the day would bring.  

Our 18 Phoenix team played in the Treaty Rock 18 tournament in Post Falls last Sunday.  The tournament started an hour later than normal so it made for a long day. Our Phoenix girls fought hard, and with their endurance, ended up winning the Silver bracket in a 3 set match. We were very proud of them! Go Phoenix!

Last Saturday, APEX Journey attended the APEX Awareness U14 tournament.  This was a large 32 team tournament running a power format.  The girls on the Journey team fought hard all day...


On January 23, 2016, APEX held it's annual Odd Girl In U13s tournament.  This tournament is designed to allow the U13 age group to have their own tournament.  This year was smaller than in years past but was still alot of fun.

On January 31st, APEX Synergy entered the Valley HUB to compete in the tournament, Spikestorm.  This was a 16 team tournament run by Evergreen Region.

On January 10th, Apex Synergy competed in their first tournament of the year.  This was a 14s team tournament in Leavenworth, Washington.  Synergy arrived on Saturday and enjoyed a great team dinner at Gustav's Eatery. Afterwards, they spent time swimming and getting to know each other.  The parents also had a great time visiting and building the APEX Family bond.  The next morning we all headed to Cascade High school for the tournament.

Apex held its 2nd annual 2 day camp at Ross Point in Post Falls on Dec 19 and 20th.  We had a great time getting to know each other. 

During our camp, we had practices, jump and strength training with Rockwood, rotation training, sing alongs at the camp fire. meal and team building activities.